Like I wrote recently, Tomi also insisted that iPhone is a copy of the LG Prada form factor, not just another touch-screen phone launched at same time period.
A copy.
His words.
…except that he happened to delete the comment from his blog where he was insisting on it, which – upon time of my previous blog post – left me to an unfortunate situation:
I was aware that it sounds totally insane that Tomi would insist iPhone is a copy of LG Prada.
I was aware nobody would believe he actually said something like that. (But he did, I was just lacking the evidence.)
I wrote about it but I knew nobody would believe it.

No worries, Tomi delivers. In his most recent blog post Tomi finally brought back the subject as I said it was:

So then there must be the single-button simplistic large screen touch-screen device FORM FACTOR. That is as iconic Apple design as possibly could be.

No it isn’t. You may think it is. Most of the idiot writers may think it is. I don’t go by myths, I go by the facts. These are the facts. LG released a phone design in 2006, which they were setting up to be manufactured from 2007. That phone design was radical, it was entered in numerous international design contests the earliest which had an ENTRY DEADLINE of September 2006. They won just about everything that year, most of those awards say ‘2007 award’ but the first award ANNOUNCEMENTS came in December of 2006. That phone design by LG became known to us as two LG phones, the LG Prada branded luxury phone, and the LG Chocolate consumer phone. Both were the true prototype of what the iPhone looked like.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 04, 2017 [1]

Okay, I could be just over-reading it. There is still the slim chance that Tomi just tries to imply both LG Prada and iPhone were developed parallel with the same design? He has to be aware that Apple had touch screen design in works literally years before LG Prada was announced, right?
You wish:

Don’t bitch about this. Don’t try to deny reality. The competition DEADLINE was in September 2006, the first awards were given out in December 2006. The iconic touch-screen slab mobile phone that we associate with iPhone clones today – that design was RELEASED to the public (in South Korea obviously) by September 2006 – four MONTHS before Steve Jobs showed us a prototype on stage – and LG won awards for it, awards handed out already in December 2006.

Apple did not invent this form factor. Apple did what they always do – they steal from the best (like the original Macintosh PC, it didn’t invent the mouse – that was invented by Xerox). This is NOT simultaneous invention in parallel.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 04, 2017 [1]

That’s like… Whoa. Any chance Tomi would be adding some of his own story to back this up?

Apple had its own iPod-phone project that was due to release their first phone in 2006 for the Christmas sales market. Steve Jobs was shown a prototype of that phone in the summer – an evolution of the work Apple did with Motorola on their failed Moto Rokr musicphone. The original Apple concept for what became the iPhone – looked like a Motorola or Nokia phone, with buttons and a modest screen. Steve Jobs said no, killed that project, insisted on a total redesign and gave them one year. That total redesign work started in the summer of 2006 and that is when the LG product was already displayed as a radical design out of South Korea. Then Apple inserted the guts of much of the lame tech they had planned for a 2006 phone (2G radio tech, 2mp camera, etc, all already obsolescent for 2007) and added the glorious LG-designed concept for a radical phone FORM FACTOR.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 04, 2017 [1]

Well, the “total redesign in one year” can be easily explained by Tomi’s incapability to fully understand what it takes to build a modern smartphone.

But still, having read the coverage of iPhone development, dated with the time touch screen was brought in, how can anyone even try to say something like that? Could we have some kind of grande finale for this, Tomi?

Yes the iPhone form factor is iconic. Yes that form factor changed the world and today every phone is like an iPhone in that way. It is so much superior, that the alternate form factors that existed in droves in year 2006, have all but died by now. But don’t thank Apple for that form factor, thank LG. They invented this look. Every phone we see today traces its heritage of the touch-screen slab form factor all the way back past the iPhone to the LG.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 04, 2017 [1]

(LG Prada)