As I recently wrote Tomi should have (by his promise) come forward and publicly admit that he was wrong. More precisely: since Apple Watch survived to 3rd edition, it was NOT a flop.
Let me underline this: since Apple Watch survived to 3rd edition, it was NOT a flop.

Tomi made an admit. I assume he made this public admit since Tomi reads my blog, not because Tomi would have had a habit of admitting his mistakes (which he does not). Nevertheless, I asked for the admit and this is what we get:

I said there is no market for smart watches and the iWatch, sorry the Apple Watch will not survive to 3 editions. On that, today I have been proven wrong. Apple did get its third edition Apple Watch out – so yeah, I am not infallible and I got that call wrong. As to smart watches? They are a disastrously bad market opportunity for anyone. If Tim Cook wasn’t personally married to the apperance of the Apple Watch as his first ‘post Steve Jobs’ product, he’d have killed it already. But yeah. There is SOME sales. The sales numbers are so bad – that Apple refuses to give us the numbers and hides behind guesses made by analysts. We know from that, that the true Apple Watch numbers are EMBARRASSINGLY bad. But yeah, I predicted that Apple would pull the plug at this stage. They rather maintain the embarrassment for another cycle. Ok, I got that guess wrong. I still hold that there is no big market for smart watches and that if Apple honestly felt the Apple Watch was a success, they’d be yelling about those sales numbers and publishing them at every Quarter. Apple know the iWatch is a total flop. But ok, they did make a third edition. I did get that call wrong. I am sorry about that. Just don’t be mistaken into thinking there is any sustainable mass market for any wrist-based media etc… Some iSheep will wear the iBracelets yes, but there is no mass market for smart watches. It will be a fad that will soon be gone.

–Tomi Ahonen, September 13, 2017 [1]

…I guess that will have to do.