Almost two years ago I wrote about the sudden change in the stand Tomi Ahonen (analyst, writer, motivational speaker) has towards iPhone and its market share. I’ll try to sum it up:

Tomi (until January 2016) [1]:

Apple will own about 8% of the phone market around year 2020 when all phones sold are smartphones and most app developers will find that totally irrelevant to bother with.

Me (like – whenever) [2]:

Apple users will be far more likely to pay for their apps. These are customers you cannot ignore

Tomi (January 2016) [3]:

So if you’re a developer interested in reach of smartphones – the largest platform is obviously Android but Apple’s iOS is second biggest. Its installed base is larger than its unit sales level and iOS adds a good probably 33% to 50% to its reach on the other tech Apple devices also in the wild. So the market potential is massive.

the median income of iPhone owners is the highest of any (major ie Top 30) smartphone brand. And again, this is by a large margin. You want to address the richest slice of the smartphone owners of the planet – target iPhone users.

Me (January 2016) [2]:

I hope this lasts.

Tomi (February 2017) [4]:

the time will come when MANY (not all) app developers will do Android only, or Android first and only if their app is a big success to warrant the work, bother with an iOS version. That day will come (soon in some markets where iPhones are trivial in number).

Tomi (November 2017) [5]:

Most developers will soon only do Android with iOS the possible secondary involvement.

Well, it didn’t last so apparently we are back at the square one.