Yes there is a big opportunity for apps to be sold to smartphones. Yes, it is a very significant market, when viewed from the angle of the software applications industry. But it will always be – always be – only a niche. Do not allow yourself to be delusional about this. We do not buy – and the mass market will not ever buy – smartphones so that they could install some apps to it.

–Tomi Ahonen, June 12, 2009 [1]

A true visionary.

Like I’ve said it in the past, I hope those who use Tomi Ahonen consultancy will also buy some additional service to filter his instructions for the ones that will make sense and the ones that will not. Tomi does not do that, he will bet on both sides of the coin:

So where did this post come from?
I was reading my old blog post and noticed the mention that Tomi would have said that “the pocket PC is a niche” in the past. That got me curious as today Tomi counts mobile phones into global PC sales. No matter how odd this sounds, true enough the pocket PC part is there:

So the “pocket PC” metaphor to me is a niche. There are lots of us geeks who want the special Twitter app to let us manage our Twitter feeds better, and then want the Facebook app to do the same with FB, and then need the special mapping solution above and beyond Google maps, etc. But that is not mass markets. Mass market customers need devices that function straight out of the box.

–Tomi Ahonen, June 12, 2009 [1]

Tomi’s post has also some other gems. Such as knowing how telcos were in search of “iPhone killer”, knowing what a dog N97 was, this one is more than amusing:

wouldn’t YOU want to be the marketing VP of Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile and now pick the N97 as the “response” to the iPhone on AT&T? especially if Nokia is willing to put fist-bumps and gansta rap lyrics into the launch video? I would love to be able to sign Nokia as my handset now ha-ha

–Tomi Ahonen, June 12, 2009 [1]


But in the end the text I quoted at the beginning of the post was the one that really broke the bank. Quite a nice caption from someone who is supposed to be “the most accurate forecaster in mobile”. 😀