there IS NO CASE for the smart watch. You haven’t given any evidence there is. I asked for it. Nothing. Its not sustainable biz

–Tomi Ahonen, 26 Jan 2016 [1]

I predicted that Apple would pull the plug at this stage. They rather maintain the embarrassment for another cycle. Ok, I got that guess wrong.

Apple know the iWatch is a total flop. But ok, they did make a third edition. I did get that call wrong. I am sorry about that. Just don’t be mistaken into thinking there is any sustainable mass market for any wrist-based media etc… Some iSheep will wear the iBracelets yes, but there is no mass market for smart watches. It will be a fad that will soon be gone.

–Tomi Ahonen, 13 Sep 2017 [2]

wearables were the second largest contributor to revenue growth after iPhone, which is impressive for a business that started only three years ago

–Tim Cook (Apple CEO), 1 Feb 2018 [3]

Cook said wearables, like the Apple Watch and AirPods, were up almost 50 percent, and is the size of a Fortune 300 company.

–CNBC News (reporting from Tim Cook presenting fiscal results), 1 May 2018 [4]

I still have to say that everybody wishes they could flop the way Apple does.