Elop only wants to make i-Phon-a-Clones. Before Elop, Nokia never had Apple iPhone-envy. Elop contaminated Nokia and now it seems the Lumia series is all but cheaper-looking plasticky iPhones.

–Tomi Ahonen, January 02, 2013 [1]

It is sheer madness, sheer madness, SHEER MADNESS, for Nokia/Lumia/Microsoft to try to create an iPhon-a-clone. We saw how Elop did this.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 31, 2014 [2]

In general, if you think of the [new Nokia/HMD Android phones] portfolio, it will be FAR more similar to what the Symbian based Nokia smartphone portfolio was in 2010 than the Lumia based portfolio of 2012. I don’t mean Nokia would go back to non-touch-screen smartphones haha, but I mean in terms of the design priorities. The whole Lumia series was at first as close to iPhon-a-clones as is possible without getting to be sued by Apple. Now Nokia has good reason to steer far from Lumia and ‘return to its roots’ on many issues.

–Tomi Ahonen, May 21, 2016 [3]

Now go back to 2011, 2010, 2009 and Nokia. They had BY FAR the most varied set of form factors. I do expect most NeoNokias to be standard slab touch-screens but we WILL get some departures, attempts at different form factors. Thats part of Nokia’s DNA and its the key to discovering true opportunities to differentiate.

–Tomi Ahonen, May 21, 2016 [4]

As sarcasm helps us to see things better:

All hail Nokia X6 – finally Nokia is not trying to make “make i-Phon-a-Clones” like they did under stupid Elop, instead they “return to their roots”, show that Elop is the only one that had “iPhone-envy” and steer their design far from being at risk to be sued by Apple and attempt different form factors compared to Apple!

(iPhone X & Nokia X6)

Remember all the departures HMD Global has made from the iPhone touchscreen design (click for larger image):

Tomi knows Nokia very deeply.


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