What is this blog for?

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One can easily tell this blog is mainly there to challenge the blog of Tomi Ahonen. Yes, that’s the main reason. I have been following Mr. Ahonen’s blog for some time and shaking my head in disbelief. However, several people seem to regularly comment to his blog, pointing out the mistakes he has done, so I felt little interest to do the same. What made start a blog was YLE (Finnish national TV and radio broadcasting company) that had a live talk show 14th of June 2012 to cover Nokia strategy update and personnel reductions. They chose to have live video interview of Tomi Ahonen – person who is potentially more against Nokia’s current strategy than Anssi Vanjoki, who was not elected to be CEO when Stephen Elop was.

Shame on you YLE – that is not journalism, that is pure intent to make subjective view and make it sound like truth. As engineer, I want truth to be told. But going after YLE is waste of time, some other news media will take Ahonen’s claims as granted unless somebody starts to challenge those claims. I felt enough pissed to do exactly that.

YLE has made a program later and I have to say it makes up all their bad work from summer 2012. Tomi Ahonen is interviewed side-by-side with other analysts and his fallacies sound as baseless as they are. Thank you YLE.

Now this is a blog that is not bringing any profit to me (except the warm feeling inside one gets from clearing some false claims). I do this on my own spare time (which is rather limited). I sell nothing here. I don’t have adverts that would earn me anything. Actually, I promised recently that I will never put any advertisements here.
Problem is: I don’t pay $30 to have paid account in WordPress, so you may see adverts from WordPress itself. I have no control over those but do not gain anything from them either. (See more here.)

Unfortunately Mr. Ahonen deletes actively comments that challenge his views with good proof. So commenting to his blog is fighting on enemy ground and futile. I decided to go on and do my own blog where I correct the false claims. Now this is just because I worked over 13 years in Nokia and I have lots of good memories from there. And lots of friends still there. It hurts to read someone writing so much FUD about Nokia. You can read my short biography here.

Just for the records – from my recent comment here – I say Stephen Elop has done his work better than Tomi makes us understand. While I still was inside Nokia, he was actually good at motivating people and making us break out of old habits. For communications I’d say he has been… …not so good. If he really is Microsoft Muppet as Tomi says, he at least has done significant improvements in the internals of Nokia. Makes me wish he had hired skilled PR person to do public announcements, though.

15 thoughts on “What is this blog for?”

  1. fjdijdjff said:

    Hi Microsoft or Elop’s army! I know that’s you. 😛

  2. EmmanuelM said:

    Ha ha we all know who you are… Mister corporate communication at Nokia…

    I hope for you that MS will be able to offer you a job after NOKIA is dead

  3. thomas said:

    Nobody believes u so have a seat

  4. Oh wow. A MicroNokiaSoft made troll cum spin doctor. Zzz.

  5. Well, I think all comments above were already answered in my biography. But if you wish to prove me being wrong, please do so. Any of the posts can be commented and I try to reply whenever reply is obviously needed.
    (Please note, none of the above comments deleted either.)

  6. Thank you very much for this blog! I cannot understand why Tomi is in such a rage against Elop. This severely compromises the value of his blog.

  7. So glad you created this blog. Really tired of having my comments deleted.

  8. Hi. Just ran across this blog. Just want to say that while I don’t always agree with Tomi, I still hate Nokia for moving from an extremely capable OS like Symbian (no doubt on its way out for failing to adapt to new times), then dabbling at another great OS like MeeGo, then scrapping it and choosing to go with an extremely limited OS like WP.
    WP is nice, but for power users like me it’s an epic fail, an OS that can’t even multitask properly, compared to what Symbian and Maemo and MeeGo could do. There’s no openness, lots of features missing (which I hope are coming in WP8), etc So yes, I loved Nokia, but killing MeeGo was what made me start hating them.

    But again, their focus on stuff like the camera and display is very heartening to see, and at camera tech they shall remain unbeatable. But WP? No thanks, Android currently provides me the flexibility I need, Samsung offers great pricing, while Nokia provides overpriced phones and an OS that tells me what I can and cannot do (not as much as iOS though).

    I do and will always love Symbian, was my first smartphone, I loved its multitasking (Android can’t match it for all its greatness) and functionality, but the Nokia of today is not the Nokia I loved. Loved the Nokia of old, but not he Nokia of today, no matter how good their cameras or displays might get (have SuperAMOLED on Samsung anyway which is also great) or how many “exclusive apps” they might provide. World is moving towards limited and locked down and easy to use stuff, but that is not where I wanted to see Nokia go. Waiting for MeeGo from Jolla.

    Will be following this blog closely though, to see your counter arguments 😀

  9. @Abhijeet Mishra
    Yep, Symbian had multitasking beyond compare. I could start sports tracker, go for a walk, surf in the web for the whole walk and get flawless GPS data when I get home.
    My current Lumia shows 0km, since I haven’t moved from starting point and Sports Tracker was frozen in the background.
    In a sense Nokia made bold move when they chose to drop pile of features in favor of user friendliness. On retrospective, they underestimated the amount of disappointed users by few orders of magnitude.
    Tomi is after a correct cause. In many cases he lists correct misdoings of Nokia management. If he just would back them up with facts and statistics instead of lies and number twisting, he could have made much better success in raising general awareness.

  10. Add me to the list of people tired of Tomi – particularly when some fairly mild comments of mine got deleted just because I had the temerity to point out where he was wrong. Will be following your blog closely.

    – HCE

  11. Thomas said:

    I think it’s nice that you take the time to show the world why Tomi Ahonen should never ever get another click at his website.

    He’s all that’s wrong with the internet. Write enough numbers and bullshit, and idiots will believe him.

  12. Well… I used to take that time.
    But I recently visited Tomi’s blog and it seems he has turned down the heat a bit, yet still the one-eyed Elop/Microsoft/Windows Phone hatred is visible. By his recent posts:
    – N9 still was “constantly and repeatedly reviewed better than iPhone” (by whom? I’ve never read any review like that and even the epic Der Stern article never said that. (It did say it is as intuitive as iPhone, though.)
    – Windows Phone still has highest return rates ever.
    – Nokia recently expanding to low-cost segment is bad thing (whereas he at same time says Nokia should have stick with Symbian so they could have sold to expanding low-cost part of smartphone market).
    – and more. But as I said when I stopped blogging, he repeats himself a lot. I would currently need 1 or 2 new posts to be up to date with him. 😉

  13. AndroidJavaFan said:

    I never knew who Tomi Ahonen was before the infamous YLE interview. Thanks for putting together this blog.

  14. Thanks for this blog. Tomi throws up so much bullshit. When anyone points it out he deletes their comments. Glad to see someone calling him out. Keep up the good work.

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