Who is Anonymous Ex-Nokian?

Note: Anonymous Ex-Nokian can be found from Twitter as @ExNokian

I am (obviously) ex Nokia employee. I worked for Nokia over 13 years, so I have seen both rise and fall of the company. I didn’t leave to start my own consultancy, I was plain flat downsized by Elopian management. I therefore feel I have full right to speak up no matter what “official Nokia PR policy” happens to be.
Some additional details people can already pick up from my blog: I’m a Finn and an engineer, with a family.

Why anonymous?

I still have friends who work at Nokia. Some of them will likely be fired by the downsize of 14-Jun-2012, some will continue. Those people do not feed inside info to me haha. I just don’t want them to get into trouble by being “in close contact to the troublemaker”. It’s also for not to bring any news publicity to bother my family. Future will tell if I open the curtains to shed some more light to this.